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Renaissance Lighting and Metal Furniture for Hospitality

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Wall Fixtures

Made in the USA


RC-4-0005-9-ADA RC-4-0007-11-ADA RC-4-0010-1-ADA RC-4-0011-6-ADA RC-4-0014-1-X-ADA RC-4-0015-1-ADA

RC-4-0017-ADA RC-4-0018-ADA RC-4-0019-ADA RC-4-0020-11-ADA RC-4-0021-ADA RC-4-0022 ADA

RC-4-0022ADA-CUST RC-4-0025-ADA RC-4-0026-ADA RC-4-0029-ADA RG-F-0024--8-ADA RL-4-0001-11-ADA

RL-4-0005-10-ADA RL-4-0007-7-ADA RL-4-0012-ADA RL-4-0016-12-ADA RL-4-0017-7-ADA RL-4-0018-11-ADA

RL-4-0023-1 ADA RL-4-0023-2 ADA RL-4-0027-L RL-4-0028-13 RL-4-0032-2-ADA RL-4-0042-ADA

RL-4-0043-18-ADA RL-4-0048-5-ADA RL-4-0069-12 ADA RL-4-0070-8 ADA RL-4-0076-1 ADA RL-4-0081-9-ADA

RL-4-0083-ADA RL-4-0089-ADA RL-4-0092-ADA RL-4-0093-ADA RL-4-0097- ADA RL-4-0099-9-ADA

RL-4-0111-8-ADA RL-4-0117-ADA RL-4-0119-8-ADA RL-4-0122-ADA RL-4-0132-8-22H-ADA RL-4-0135-8-ADA

RL-4-0138-10-ADA RL-4-0142-8-ADA RL-4-0147-8-ADA RL-4-0152-6-ADA RL-4-0157-ADA RL-4-0161-ADA

RL-4-0187-ADA RL-4-0197-8-ADA RL-4-0197-ADA RL-4-0202-ADA RL-4-0209-ADA

RL-4-0215-ADA RL-4-0219-ADA-FLA RL-4-0231-ADA RL-4-0233-16-ADA RL-4-0236-ADA RL-4-0393-ADA

RL-4-0397-ADA RL-4-0401ADA RL-4-0416-ADA RL-4-0424-ADA-277V RL-4-0425-ADA RL-4-0427-ADA

RL-4-0428-ADA RL-4-0430-RND-ADA RL-4-0437-ADA RL-4-0440-ADA RL-4-0440-ADA RL-4-0449-ADA RL-4-0451

RL-4-0452-ADA RL-4-0461-ADA RL-4-0463-ADA RL-4-0465-ADA RL-4-0468-ADA RL-4-0472-ADA RL-4-0505-ADA

RL-4-0513-ADA RL-4-0513-ADA-Modified RL-4-0534-ADA RL-4-0541-12H-ADA RL-4-0541-28H-ADA RL-4-0543-ADA

RL-4-0557-11-ADA RL-4-0561-ADA RL-4-0570-ADA RL-4-0573-12-ADA RL-4-0576-ADA RL-4-0579-8-ADA

RL-4-0580-40-ADA RL-4-0587-24-ADA RL-4-0590-8-ADA RL-4-0603-ADA RL-4-0607-28-ADA

RL-4-0609-ADA RL-4-0609--CUST-MED-ADA RL-4-0610-ADA RL-4-0612-ADA RL-4-0616-ADA-24H RL-4-0622-ADA

RL-4-0625-ADA RL-4-0626-ADA RL-4-0628-ADA RL-4-0634-15-ADA RL-4-0635-ADA RL-4-0638-1-ADA

RL-4-0642-ADA RL-4-0649-ADA RL-4-0654-ADA RL-4-0655 RL-4-0671-14-ADA RL-4-0674-ADA

RL-4-0675-ADA RL-4-0676-ADA RL-4-0681-10-ADA RL-4-0683-ADA RL-4-0684-ADA RL-4-0686-ADA

RL-4-0690-ADA RL-4-0693-ADA RL-4-0695-ADA RL-4-0698-15-ADA RL-4-0756-ADA RL-4-0702-ADA RL-4-0708-ADA

RL-4-0714-ADA RL-4-0716-ADA RL-4-0725-ADA RL-4-0727-ADA RL-4-0728-ADA RL-4-0729-ADA

RL-4-0733-ADA RL-4-0744-ADA RL-4-0756-ADA RL-4-0760-ADA RL-4-0765-ADA RL-4-0774-48-ADA

RL-4-0778-ADA RL-4-0779-ADA RL-4-0785-ADA RL-4-0770-ADA RL-4-0792-ADA RL-4-0793-ADA RL-4-0795-ADA

RL-4-0796-ADA RL-4-0801-ADA RL-4-0802-ADA RL-4-0809-ADA RL-4-0812-36-ADA RL-4-0818-10-ADA

RL-4-0826-ADA-X RL-4-0828-ADA RL-4-0831-ADA RL-4-0834-2-ADA RL-4-0835-2-ADA RL-4-0836-12-ADA

RL-4-0837-12-ADA RL-4-0845-ADA-16H RL-4-0847-ADA RL-4-0860-ADA RL-4-0861-ADA RL-4-0866-ADA RL-4-0870-ADA

RL-4-0872-ADA RL-4-0873-12-ADA RL-4-0881-ADA RL-4-0884-ADA RL-4-0885-ADA RL-4-0889--ADA

RL-4-0890--ADA RL-4-0891--ADA RL-4-0892--ADA RL-4-0893--ADA RL-4-0894--ADA RL-4-0897--ADA RL-893-ADA

RL-4-0900-ADA RL-4-0900-ADA-CUST RL-4-0903-ADA RL-4-0908-ADA RL-4-0910-ADA RL-4-0911-ADA

RL-4-0914-ADA RL-4-0916-ADA RL-4-0918-ADA RL-4-0927-ADA RL-4-0929-ADA RL-4-0931-ADA

RL-4-0934-ADA RL-4-0960-ADA RL-4-0969-ADA RL-4-0974-ADA RL-4-0980-ADA RL-62-143-VE-ADA



RC-4-0001-2 RC-4-0002-7 RC-4-0004-2 RL-3-0783 RL-4-0002-1 RL-4-0004-1

RL-4-0004-2 RL-4-0032-2 RL-4-0056 RL-4-0067-1 RL-4-0068 RL-4-0095-14 RL-4-0118

RL-4-0139-24 RL-4-0189 RL-4-0194 RL-4-0201 RL-4-0200 RL-4-0211 RL-4-0216

RL-4-0221 RL-4-0222 RL-4-0230 RL-4-0234 RL-4-0406 RL-4-0407 RL-4-0410-DBL RL-4-0410-SGL

RL-4-0411 RL-4-0412 RL-4-0421 RL-4-0426-DBL RL-4-0442-X RL-4-0443 RL-4-0444

RL-4-0448 RL-4-0453 RL-4-0454 RL-4-0456 RL-4-0459 RL-4-0460 RL-4-0462

RL-4-0469 RL-4-0470 RL-4-0471 RL-4-0476 RL-4-0496 RL-4-0497 RL-4-0500

RL-4-0526 RL-4-0529-10 RL-4-0535 RL-4-0544-16 RL-4-0549 RL-4-0552 RL-4-0555-12

RL-4-0556 RL-4-0560-24 RL-4-0562 RL-4-0571 RL-4-0577 RL-4-0583 RL-4-0586 RL-4-0589-04-14

RL-4-0602 RL-4-0604 RL-4-0608 RL-4-0617-Restoration RL-4-0618 RL-4-0623 RL-4-0629 RL-4-0631-24

RL-4-0632 RL-4-0639-1 RL-4-0640-2 RL-4-0641 RL-4-0644 RL-4-0645 RL-4-0650 RL-4-0651

RL-4-0653 RL-4-0660 RL-4-0661 RL-4-0663 RL-4-0664 RL-4-0669 RL-4-0672 RL-4-0691

RL-4-0705 RL-4-0706 RL-4-0707 RL-4-0709 RL-4-0712 RL-4-0718 RL-4-0723

RL-4-0750 RL-4-0757 RL-4-0766 RL-4-0771-ART RL-4-0772 RL-4-0776 RL-4-0784

RL-4-0794 RL-4-0799 RL-4-0800 RL-4-0805 RL-4-0808 RL-4-0808-RLH RL-4-0810-8 RL-4-0811-49

RL-4-0814 RL-4-0819 RL-4-0819-CUST RL-4-0820 RL-4-0823 RL-4-0832 RL-4-0838

RL-4-0843-16 RL-4-0844 RL-4-0846-84 RL-4-0850 RL-4-0851 RL-4-0853

RL-4-0857 RL-4-0864 RL-4-0865 RL-4-0868 RL-4-0874 RL-4-0875 RL-4-0876

RL-4-0877 RL-4-0878-24 RL-4-0879 RL-4-0880 RL-4-0882-2-LT RL-4-0883 RL-4-0887-GU24

RL-4-0895 RL-4-0896 RL-4-0899 RL-4-0901 RL-4-0902 RL-4-0905 RL-4-0907

RL-4-0915 RL-4-0922 RL-4-0923 RL-4-0925-ANG RL-4-0925-RND RL-4-0928 RL-4-0932

RL-4-0941 RL-4-092 RL-5-0002-48 RL-161 RL-265 RL-268

RL-370 RL-372 RL-373 RL-375 RL-374 RL-376 RL-381

RL-390 RL-397 RL-463 RL-471 RL-472 RL-486 RL-701

RL-703 RL-704 RL-706 RL-708 RL-715 RL-718

RL-721 RL-723 RL-724 RL-726 RL-728 RL-730

RL-731 RL-732 RL-738 RL-739 RL-740 RL-742-SHS RL-744

RL-745 RL-746 RL-751 RL-753 RL-754

RL-755 RL-756 RL-758 RL-760 RL-761

RL-764 RL-765 RL-768 RL-770 RL-772 RL-773

RL-776 RL-780 RL-785 RL-790-Chrome RL-793 RL-795

RL-797 RL-800 RL-812 RL-813 RL-814 RL-815 RL-816

RL-829 RL-830 RL-831 RL-835 RL-836 RL-837

RL-842 RL-843 RL-846 RL-847 RL-848 RL-854 RL-855

RL-859 RL-863 RL-866 RL-867 RL-874 RL-878 RL-879

RL-880 RL-881 RL-881 Modified RL-884 RL-885 RL-886 RL-2454WLA-17H-MED

RL-2456WLA RL-7810WLA RL-7810WLB RL-7810WLC RL-7830WLA RL-8548WLA-US RL-9785-WLA-US

RL-SL-04 RL-SL-04-29-GU24 RL-SL-04-PAN RL-TL-01  WP-6750 WP-6773-6774 WP-C134-1355



RL-4-0144-1 RL-4-0158-1 RL-4-0158-2 RL-4-0165-1 Right RL-4-0165-2 RL-4-0199

RL-4-0203-2 RL-4-0474 RL-4-0582 RL-4-0600-10 RL-4-0659 RL-4-0670

RL-4-0734 RL-4-0786 RL-4-0788-DBL RL-4-0790 RL-4-0791 RL-4-0813 RL-4-0821

RL-4-0829-SGL RL-4-0863 RL-4-0867 RL-4-0924 RL-273 RL-457

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